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The Pleasure Bank (TPB) is an open-source gallery of pleasure-centered illustrations for sexual health content creators, educators, enthusiasts and basically anyone who is tired of using bananas and grapefruits! TPB aims to support the provision of evidence-based, realistic and people-centered information around sexual health and rights.

In 2022, the Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice on Sexual Pleasure set out on a mission to move beyond the realms of pleasure positive language to a new era of pleasure positive imagery. SRHR experts and advocates know the struggle to find images to support their work and how limiting it can be to not have the right images which showcased the spectrum of sexual pleasure, including wonderfully diverse bodies, genders, sexualities and emotions.

Due to the lack of easy availability and accessibility of pleasure-focused imagery, the SN-NL Sexual Pleasure CoP created an open access, easy-to-use space housing all these images – thus creating The Pleasure Bank which was launched in the summer of 2023. TPB strives to improve the quality and authenticity of work that is done around sexual health and rights, and promote the work of the talented creatives and illustrators who give us the gift of visualising sexual pleasure.

The SN-NL Sexual Pleasure CoP also developed crucial parameters for assessing whether an image is pleasure-focused and created a guide called Beyond Bananas to help other pleasure pioneers with their work.


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Please note: TPB’s website is sometimes blocked on certain networks or by some countries. While this issue is being resolved, you can use a free VPN to access the website or follow TPB on social media for the latest updates on the gallery submissions and other pleasure-focused activities!

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