About Share-Net International

“We believe that all people have the freedom of choice, are able to make informed decisions, and can access and take action on their sexual and reproductive rights and needs.”

Share-Net International is the leading knowledge & connections platform on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Our network of experts and member organisations combine the strengths of key international actors, while harnessing localised knowledge to promote the development of better policies and practises in SRHR, including HIV.

Our mission is to build and strengthen links between evidence-based research, policy, and practise through strategic knowledge sharing, generation, translation, and promotions, further developing better policies and practises in SRHR, including HIV. We believe that all people have the freedom of choice, are able to make informed decisions, and can access and take action on their sexual and reproductive rights and needs.

Our core focus areas are:

  • Better information and greater freedom of choice for young people about their sexuality
  • Improved access to reproductive health commodities
  • Better sexual and reproductive health care during pregnancy and childbirth, including access to safe abortion, particularly during and since Covid-19
  • Greater respect for the sexual and reproductive rights of groups who are currently denied these rights, including women, girls, the LGBTQIA+ community, and other marginalised people.

Our digital platform is a centralised space for SRHR materials from across the globe, including country-specific knowledge from our country hubs in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, and the Netherlands. This digital platform is digitally-connected to all our country hubs websites – check the ‘featured content’ feed on our homepage for the latest news and articles from all of our hubs!

We encourage SRHR practitioners, professionals, policy makers, activists, researchers, and advocates to join our network to access our digital members-only space, join our matchmaking service,  build your personal network and connections, and post or find SRHR assignments and SRHR jobs. We also list SRHR events, including relevant workshops, conferences, webinars, and training opportunities on this website.

Share-Net Projects and Activities

Our key objectives are sharing knowledge and generating knowledge to address prioritised research gaps, and translating knowledge into appropriate formats which contribute to the development of better policy and practice for SRHR. To realise this, our core projects are based upon the following projects and principles:

Five Year Strategic Plan 2023-2027

This combines our vision, mission, values core strategic and operational objectives, and defines the business model for Share-Net International. Read our five Years Strategic Plan here.

Gender-Inclusive working in Share-Net International

In spring 2023, the Share-Net International team held an internal workshop to explore how we work in gender-inclusive ways. Read our commitments here.

Theory of Change (ToC)

Our ToC demonstrates how our SRHR Knowledge Platform achieves impact and outcomes across the four pathways of knowledge management, and the importance of developing the network through Communities of Practise. Access the ToC in [English] [Espanol] [Français] [Arabic]

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Our CoPs form working groups with thematic SRHR focuses, are member-driven, and manage knowledge in a cross-cutting manner that aids member-organisations to advance their own agendas in line with annual work plans.

Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model (SHIRIM)

The SHIRIM (or CRIM-KT) model was established to facilitate and encourage knowledge exchange between Share-Net country hubs, while focusing on translating knowledge into products for use in changing policy and practice.

Knowledge Activation and Knowledge Generation Grants

Share-Net offers annual grants to activate and develop knowledge products for improving policy and practice in SRHR. The grants provide funding for applied research, documentation of practises, and offer the opportunity to enhance the work of SNI members and facilitate the development of knowledge products that can otherwise be difficult to get funded.

To read more about SNI’s activation grants visit this page, and access our general Grants listing page to discover other external SRHR grant opportunities

Mid-Term Review 2022

In 2022, as the third year of the 2020-2025 cycle, the mid-term review review was published. This used a mixed-methods approach, which can be read here.

The Share-Net International Team

Share-Net international operates through a core team and additional supporting staff, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The core team consists of:

  • Dorine Thomissen – Coordinator of Share-Net International
  • Maria Codina – Co-Coordinator of Share-Net International, Country Coordinator & Knowledge Expert
  • Kimberly Meijers – Country Coordinator & Knowledge Expert (currently on maternity leave)
  • Amie Ndong – Knowledge Expert and Knowledge Activation Grants Lead
  • Bless-Me Ajani – Community Engagement Officer
  • Rhian Farnworth – Digital Platform Coordinator
  • Shannon Mathew – SRHR Content Creator and Communications Officer

If you are a member of the Share-Net International Digital Platform, you can click on their names above to connect with them!

The Share-Net International Board

Share-Net International is governed by a board of international members and Share-Net country Hub representatives. The board members reflect the knowledge platform and are made up of academics, NGOs, the private sector, policy makers, and hosting organisations. This consists of:

  • Yvette Fleming – Chair
  • Anke vand der Kwaak – Representative KIT
  • Theodoor van Boven & Nur Hidayati – Private Sector representatives
  • Aida Bilajbegovic – NGO Representative
  • Enow Awah – NGO Representative
  • Arnob Chakrabarty – Share-Net Bangladesh
  • Harouna Ouedraogo – Share-Net Burkina Faso
  • Roland Rugero – Share-Net Burundi
  • Carolina Borda – Share-Net Colombia
  • Abebe Kebede – Share-Net Ethiopia
  • Issa Al-Masarwe – Share-Net Jordan
  • Nienke Westerhof – Share-Net Netherlands

Share-Net Country Hubs

To discover more about our Country Hubs, click on the images below to learn more about our hub's and visit their websites.

Share-Net Bangladesh

Share-Net Burkina Faso

Share-Net Burundi

Share-Net Colombia

Share-Net Ethiopia

Share-Net Jordan

Share-Net Netherlands


Should you have any questions, remarks or if you are in need of more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about our activities and using this website.

E : info@share-netinternational.org

E : d.thomissen@kit.nl – Dorine Thomissen, Share-Net International Coordinator

The Share-Net International secretariat is located at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Our visiting address:

Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 95001
1090 HA Amsterdam

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