Do you want to learn more about Share-Net International and our work? Do you have questions about our activities or unsure exactly what SRHR is, or something else? We hope the questions below are helpful. If you still have a questions about our work that is not answered below, please reach out to info@share-netinternational.org and our secretariat will get back to you.

Share-Net International is the knowledge generation, knowledge translation, and knowledge uptake platform for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Our core activities focus on several key activities including:
The headquarters of Share-Net International is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the KIT - Royal Tropical Institute. Share-Net International has seven country hubs located in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, and the Netherlands.
SRHR is an abbreviation of ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’. SRHR covers and links to a broad range of different areas, including: abortion, access to quality SRHR services for people affected by conflict, fragility and crisis, birth care and midwifery, child marriage & teenage pregnancy, comprehensive sexuality education, collaborative approaches, contraception and family planning, SRHR and COVID-19, SRHR and gender equality, engaging men and boys, gender-based violence, global financing facility, infertility, LGBTQIA+ health and rights, maternal health, meaningful youth participation, menstrual health, mental health, multilateral processes , private sector engagement, reproductive rights, sexual diversity, sexual pleasure, sex work, SRHR and Disability, SRHR funding, SRHR and HIV integration, SRHR messaging, , universal health care, WASH, youth friendly health services, and related topics.
Our core activities focus on several key projects:
To join our network, please complete our membership application form. The SNI team reviews each application thoroughly, you can generally expect to receive a decision within approximately 2-3 weeks of application.
Share-Net started as the Dutch network on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in February 2001. With support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KIT Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) initiated the network to respond to the needs of different SRHR stakeholders working in international development in the Netherlands to increase the knowledge base and collaboration to inform and enhance their work.
By joining our network of SRHR professionals, advocates, activists, students, academics, policy makers and other interested parties, you gain access to and receive several key benefits:
  • Access Share-Net International meetings
  • Participate in our international Communities of Practice (iCoPs).
  • Participate in our annual Co-Creation Conference, jointly organised with our country hubs. The working conference is a dynamic event where participants develop concrete and evidence-informed knowledge products for influencing policy and practice
  • Opportunity to be elected in the governing Board of Share-Net International
  • Apply for our annual knowledge activation grants
  • Join our Matchmaking Database for SRHR practitioners who wish to seek or post SRHR assignments.
  • Access our digital platform members-only networking area
Yes! We have several funding opportunities available to official Share-Net international members. Our main funding is offered through our annual knowledge activation grants round, held every November. Other funding opportunities include grants made through the production of knowledge products created in our Co-Creation Conference, and through the Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model (SHIRIM) on knowledge translation.
The global SRHR community works towards achieving the fundamental rights of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all, that are often denied or restricted in many parts of the world. This is realised through ensuring access to full and comprehensive health care that includes SRHR. Everyone, including children and adolescents, is entitled to SRHR, as it is an essential part of universal health coverage. The global SRHR community focuses on achieving physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing, alongside the eradication of diseases and dysfunctions.
Our work focuses on the production of SRHR knowledge, and the translations of SRHR knowledge. We contribute to changing and implementing SRHR policy and practise, and encourage knowledge sharing and translation between our country hubs and our members. Our virtual library of SRHR resources, articles, reports, and guides is freely available to everyone. We work closely with our country hubs and members to focus on the SRHR needs relevant to their locations.
Our funding is currently made on a project basis usually lasting in cycles of 3-5 years, through funding from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands
Yes. We send out a quarterly newsletter to our members and everyone who joins our newsletter mailing list. You can sign-up in the footer at the bottom of this page to receive the newsletter.
We encourage all motivated and interested people who are working in the field of SRHR, or intend to work on SRHR and/or Womens empowerment topics to join our network.

Share-Net International Activities

The Co-Creation Conference (CCC) is an annual working conference co-organised by Share-Net International and one of the Share-Net hubs. During the conference, concrete knowledge products are developed to influence SRHR policy and practice at country and international level. All participants, including researchers, practitioners, young people and policymakers, engage in deliberative dialogues and are part of the co-creation process for these knowledge products. You can read more here.
SHIRIM stands for Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model, and is a learning trajectory facilitated by Share-Net International and external knowledge experts to encourage knowledge exchange and knowledge translation between our hubs, using a collaborative approach. Read more about SHIRIM here.
Our main SRHR grants and funding comes through our knowledge activation and knowledge production grants. The grants are one of our five core projects, supporting knowledge management activities among our members. The grants provide funding traditionally for applied research, documentation of practices, and knowledge products, to improve policy and practice in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The grants also offer the opportunity to enhance the work of SNI members and facilitate the development of knowledge products that can otherwise be difficult to get funded. You can read more on our grants page here.
The Linking Research Policy, and Practise Conference is for young researchers (under 35 years old) to present their own research in a professional setting, offering (for some) a ‘first-conference’ opportunity where they can present research undertaken during Masters’, PhD, and post-grad programs.
Communities of Practice (CoPs) create common ground and inspire CoPs members to collaborate on specific SRHR themes. Through dedicated knowledge sharing and reduced duplication of work, the efforts of CoP members across the globe complement and strengthen each other, enabling research and practice to be shared horizontally between CoP members in all Share-Net locations. Click here to learn more and discover our CoPs.
The Share-Net Matchmaking service is a database of SRHR consultants. Here, you can register as an SRHR practitioner and seek assignments, access training materials, or post your own assignment match with a qualified SRHR practitioner in our network. Click here to learn more.
Our members are SRHR practitioners from many backgrounds, across the globe. This includes SRHR advocates, allies, professionals, policy experts, academics, activists, researchers, trainers, journalists, students, and all those interested in SRHR practises. We have many organisational members who work on their own SRHR focuses and welcome you to join our network too. Each year in our Annual Business Meeting (ABM) we share reports on changes in our memberships. Do you want to join our network? Register here.

Digital platform user and account questions

Only Share-Net members can access our members-only area. You can apply for Share-Net International membership via our membership application form. If your application is approved, you will gain access to our members-only area and have a digital platform account.
We review each membership application individually, and aim to share a decision within 2-3 weeks of your membership application. We are a small team, so in very busy periods it can sometimes to take a little bit longer.
Yes, we also encourage youth members, students, early-career professionals, and SRHR allies and advocates to join our network. We ask all new members to share a motivational statement about why they want to join, to agree with our mission, vision, and values, and to adhere to our privacy policies within our network.
Please send us an email requesting membership termination. You can always delete your account on our website by going to your profile settings, and then navigating to ‘Delete my account’. We strongly encourage you to email us to let us know you know longer wish to be part of our network, and so we can remove you from any mailing lists too.
Login to your account, and go to My Account > Privacy> and select ‘yes’ in the field ‘hide my account from the directory’.
By default, all profiles appear in the membership directory. If you want to remove you profile from here, you can do so by going to your My Account > Privacy> and selecting ‘yes’ in the field ‘hide my account from the directory’.
Login to your account, and visit our membership directory page. Here, you can view other members in the network. To add someone as a connection, simply click on the ‘Connect’ button on their profile.
You can send direct messages to your connections. To send a message, login to your account, and go to the 'My Connections' section of your profile. Here, you will see a button on the right-hand side of the screen that says 'messages'. Click this to send a message to your connection.
Login to your account, and go to My Account > Privacy. Here you can customise notification settings.
Yes, your safety is paramount to our activities. If you want to make your profile private, please go to your account settings, and then select the Privacy tab. Here, you can remove your profile from the membership directory.
We value site security and privacy highly. Only registered members of Share-Net International who have agreed to our site usage and privacy policies can access the members area.
Members of Share-Net International can share events, jobs and other opportunities, assignments and grants on the digital platform. Once you have submitted these, our moderator will review and then approve the post for publication in on our digital platform if it is suitable.
We aim to review new posts every few days. If you have submitted a post with a tight deadline or would like to prompt us to review your submission, we encourage you to email us at info@share-netinternational.org with further information.
For events, please include the following information: name of event, description, date and time, location, sign-up information (if required), and details of the organiser(s). For vacancies and assignment: job/assignment title, description of the role or assignment, details of the hiring person/organisation, how to apply, and the deadline for applications.
We use data collected for internal projects only, and our own internal analysis and reporting purposes. If any reports are published in the public domain, data is anonymised and not traceable to individuals (unless explicit consent has been granted).
You can contact us at info@share-netinternational.org.
Simply login to your account, and navigate to the 'edit profile' section in your account settings. You can find this via the settings 'cog' on you profile page.