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Sexual Pleasure and Healthcare Settings: Focusing on Pleasure to Improve Healthcare Delivery and Utilization

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ABSTRACT Sexual pleasure is best attained through facilitating access to the highest standard of health. Today global data show a persistent high burden of sexual health issues. Yet, pleasure remains a sensitive, stigmatized, and unspoken topic in healthcare services. This article examines how to incorporate a value for pleasure into healthcare services, grounded in the […]

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The World Association for Sexual Health’s Declaration on Sexual Pleasure: A Technical Guide

ABSTRACT This article provides technical guidance on the content, meaning, and application of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration on Sexual Pleasure to various stake- holders and practitioners working in the area of sexuality, sexual health, and sexual rights. A growing body of work shows that sexual pleasure is integral to broader health, […]

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resources / International Journal of Reproductive Health Matters

Disability and Sexuality: Claiming Sexual and Reproductive Rights

‘Disability and sexuality: claiming sexual and reproductive rights’, by Renu Addlakha, Janet Price, and Shirin Heidari, was originally published in the International Journal of Reproductive Health Matters. What barriers do people – especially women with disabilities – experience in accessing SRH services, particularly in the health sector? What context-specific strategies should be developed to facilitate […]

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Youth-Led Research – Child Marriage and Sexuality: Results and Recommendations from the MTBA Learning Project

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To ensure young people’s voices and perspectives were represented in the research focusing on the significant links between child marriage and the norms and values around the sexuality of girls, youth-led research trajectories were carried out by MTBA’s Learning Project. In these trajectories, young researchers were themselves in charge of choosing the research focus, data collection […]

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Building Interventions on Existing Gender and Sexuality Information-sharing in Communities

Although inequitable norms related to gender and sexuality are the primary drivers of child marriage, discussing sexuality within the community is considered taboo in many societies. Practitioners often perceive the taboo of talking about sexuality and conservative norms as a barrier to interventions. This article explores how child marriage interventions can build upon traditional ways of […]

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UN Reports on Gender: The Law of Inclusion & Practices of Exclusion


This report was presented in 2021 at the 47th UN Human Rights Council and 76th UN General Assembly. Introduction There has been a steep rise in the use of platforms by extremist political leaders and religious groups to promote bigotry, dehumanise persons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI), and foster stigma and […]

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