Registration Information

Registration for new users on the Share-Net International Digital Platform is currently closed, while we revise our registration process. We expect to open new registrations again in February 2022.

Existing Digital Platform users are able to login and connect with our international community of SRHR practitioners, contribute to our global knowledge base, learn about our conferences, grants, Communities of Practice, events, and more.

To learn more about being a member of Share-Net International, please see our membership information page.
1. By creating and publishing a membership profile, I understand that other members of the digital platform are also able to view my profile. If I do not want to appear in the membership directory, I am aware that I can make my profile private in my account settings, therefore removing my profile from the membership directory. I confirm I have read and understood this.
2. If you are concerned about revealing your identity online due to legal implications of being associated with SRHR practises in your country or other reasons, we advise you to use an alias display name and profile picture.
3. By agreeing to this privacy statement, I declare that I will not share other members details or sensitive information outside of this platform.