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¿Qué otros tipos de violencia de género existen?

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Existen otros tipos de Violencias Basadas en Género (VBG), además de las contempladas en la legislación colombiana, estas también son ejercidas, normalmente, hacía niños, niñas, niñes, mujeres y personas de la comunidad LGBTIQ+. Desde Share-Net Colombia consideramos que es importante empezar a reconocer estos tipos de VBG para abordarlos y eliminarlos de nuestros contextos culturales […]

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Not Up for Debate: LGBTQ People Need and Deserve Tailored Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

The Guttmacher Institute have shared a policy analysis article about need of tailored SRHR care for LGBTQ+ people.   All people, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), need sexual and reproductive health care. LGBTQ health issues and sexual and reproductive health care are inextricably linked, because they both involve […]

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LGBTQ youth mental health during COVID-19: unmet needs in public health and policy


Introduction: Although the negative impacts of COVID-19 on youth and young adult global mental health are recognised less attention has been paid to LGBTQ youth—a historically neglected population in health care, policies, and research, despite evidence of high unmet mental health needs. Unfortunately, the pandemic is likely to have far-reaching negative effects on LGBTQ health […]

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