Self-managed abortion: a constellation of actors, a cacophony of laws?

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25/03/2021 12:00 pm

Share-Net Netherlands

This article by Pizzarossa and Nandagiri (2021) argues that within self-managed abortion (SMA) research, advocacy and policy, without losing focusing on the “self”, it is important to expand our focus on “management”.


Self-managed abortion (SMA) is not a new phenomenon but occurs across histories1 and social and legal contexts,2 utilising a range of methods.1 SMA is broadly understood as actions or activities undertaken by a pregnant individual to end a pregnancy outside of clinical settings, but there is considerable debate around how SMA is understood. These debates are underpinned by a range of approaches, politics and standpoints. Language use also varies (e.g. self-administered or self-care), reflecting the types of technologies or individuals involved.

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Author: Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters