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Self-Managed Abortion in Africa: The Decriminalization Imperative in Regional Human Rights Standards

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A new article on Self-Managed Abortions in Africa has been published in the Health and Human Rights Journal. The article argues that the region’s articulation of the rights to dignity, freedom from cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment, and to nondiscrimination, among others, provides solid grounds for decriminalization, both concerning individuals who need abortions and concerning […]

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Self-managed abortion: a constellation of actors, a cacophony of laws?

This article by Pizzarossa and Nandagiri (2021) argues that within self-managed abortion (SMA) research, advocacy and policy, without losing focusing on the “self”, it is important to expand our focus on “management”. Introduction Self-managed abortion (SMA) is not a new phenomenon but occurs across histories1 and social and legal contexts,2 utilising a range of methods.1 SMA is broadly […]

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