The Youth Coalition’s Menstrual Freedom Watchdog

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01/04/2022 12:00 am

Share-Net Netherlands

The Youth Coalition

Excerpt from The Youth Coalition’s Menstrual Freedom Watchdog letter from the editors: 

“For this edition of the watchdog, we wanted to focus on menstruation as a relevant SRHR topic. We opened a call for submissions, and were humbled by all the amazing work young people shared with us. In this publication, you will find their illustrations, paintings, articles, videos, poems and photographs. Each of these submissions contains a unique take on menstruation, and contributes to a discussion that is essentially political, because addressing menstruation openly is already a huge step forward from the way this topic has been treated historically.”

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We would also like to share this beautiful piece submitted by Share-Net Netherlands very own Menstrual Health CoP member, Marissa Schut: