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Youth-Led Research – Child Marriage and Sexuality: Results and Recommendations from the MTBA Learning Project

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To ensure young people’s voices and perspectives were represented in the research focusing on the significant links between child marriage and the norms and values around the sexuality of girls, youth-led research trajectories were carried out by MTBA’s Learning Project. In these trajectories, young researchers were themselves in charge of choosing the research focus, data collection […]

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Oxfam Novib’s Guide to Youth-Led Research: Methodology and Applicability Lessons

Youth-led research is the meaningful and central participation of young people in all phases of research. The objective of  youth-led research within the MTBA learning project was to explore and understand the journeys of young girls when experiencing issues of sexuality and early marriage. By focusing on the stories of young girls, interpreted and presented by young people themselves, […]

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Menstrual health: a definition for policy, practice, and research


This paper by Hennegan et al., (2021) presents a definition of menstrual health developed by the Terminology Action Group of the Global Menstrual Collective. Abstract The term “menstrual health” has seen increased use across advocacy, programming, policy, and research, but has lacked a consistent, self-contained definition. As a rapidly growing field of research and practice a […]

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