Let’s Talk! Youth SRHR Card Game

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19/01/2023 12:00 am


Mesa Comunitaria

Share-Net Colombia


Let’s Talk! is a card game for young people aged 14-24 to talk and learn about sexual reproductive health and rights (SRH), and was a created as Knowledge Product from the 2022 Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference. Let’s Talk! is the outcome of a highly co-creative process, where young people and youth leaders in Burundi, Colombia and the Netherlands played a central role in co-defining, designing and developing the card content, design and gameplay. This was achieved through weekly virtual meets and in-country validation workshops in each country throughout the process of concept – finalisation. Additional input was also shared by the projects technical partners in Bangladesh and Jordan.

A main achievements of creating Let’s Talk! was the highly participatory and inclusive of continuous direct input from the target groups themselves. Leading to a final prototype of the game and facilitator’s guide that was rooted in the lived realities and perspectives of young people, ownership and long-term potential for sustainability of the game was increased. The core design team further collaboration (Yaga, Mesa Comunitaria, Fairspace and Share-Net’s Colombian Hub member, ProFamila) ensured that diverse voices and perspectives were integrated into every step of the process. Through the creation of Let’s Talk!, several key learnings emerged;

  • Shared experiences as learning opportunities
  • A need for gamified approaches to learning
  • Not all topics are equal
  • Virtual collaborations require extra intentionality to succeed

What is Let’s Talk!?

Let’s Talk! is a card game co-created by youth for youth around different topics of sexual reproductive health and rights. The goal of Let’s Talk! Is to encourage young people (aged around 14-24) to have open and honest conversations with each other about topics like puberty, relationships, sex and sexuality.

What the Game Isn’t

Let’s Talk is not designed to replace formal education about SRHR. It is not designed to offer all the facts and details about different SRHR topics. Instead, its goal is to create a safe space to talk, discuss and share perspectives and experiences so that young people feel more comfortable voicing their questions and experiences as they move through young adulthood.

Download Let’s Talk! and the Facilitators Guide

Please download the SRHR educational card game Let’s Talk, and read the Let’s Talk Facilitators Guide for more information about how to facilitate Let’s Talk! sessions in consensual, trauma-informed, and boundary-aware setting.

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