The Trainer’s Guide to the Secrets of Mixing Pleasure with Prevention

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08/01/2020 12:00 am

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The Pleasure Project has been running training for sex educators on how to promote good safer sex for nearly ten years, and we want to share our secrets with you.

Want to know how to get sexual health experts to become comfortable talking about pleasure and how to use it to motivate safer sex? Look no further.

Our Toolkit is packed with fun, participatory training exercises to help trainers know when and how to ease the topic of pleasure into a training programme. These exercises have been used with other organizations including CARE International, Terrence Higgens Trust, DKT International as well as many local community groups.

These exercises include:

  • Suggestions as to how sexual health trainers can be enabled to discuss pleasure and desire in their own practice and identification of specific barriers to this.

  • Identification of barriers that can inhibit free discussion in a training setting and how these could be reduced in future.

  • Suggestions for creating an environment that supports people to discuss intimate issues such as sexual pleasure and preferences and how this can promote the practice of safer sex.

  • Guidance on appropriate exercises that trainers and participants can take away and use in their own varied contexts to facilitate discussion and behavioural recommendations. (This will include existing exercises and games that participants already use or know of).


Before you start !  When discussing the delicate and taboo topic of sexuality it is always important to ensure that your groups have established confidentiality and ground rules of comfort. We often send a questionnaire in advance of the training to do just that. Use a trainer who is experienced in running sexual health and sexuality trainings, who hopefully have a recognized qualification in sexuality or has been working in the field of sexual health for a long time.

To download the full toolkit, please click here or visit the Pleasure Projects website for more information.

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