The Share-Net International Annual Report 2021

Internal Resource

01/06/2022 12:00 am

Share-Net International

It is with pleasure that we share the 2021 Share-Net International Annual Report. We share an overview of our growth with new country hubs expanding the Share-Net Network, increasing our digital presence, regional approaches, network development and knowledge management outcomes,  some ‘thorny truths’, and more about our activities over the past year.

Read the full report here.

Introductory Message on Behalf of the Share-Net International Secretariat

2021! A year which went very differently from what we had hoped and expected. Only now, at the time of writing this report, the world is slowly opening up again. For most of 2021 we worked from home, with only a few moments where physical meetings could take place. But here we are, delivering our second report over the funding period of 2020-2024!

Despite all the restrictions and challenges, working extremely hard (sometimes too hard behind our screens), we have managed to shape an international team of extremely passionate people who are dedicated to forwarding the SRHR agenda in their seven countries and globally. Through the frequent online activities and training sessions, such as the SNI Rapid Improvement Model (SHIRIM), we have started to feel like a family, but it is now time to meet each other in person.

2021 was the year of our second Co-Creation Conference, the shift towards participatory grant-making, and the launch of our Digital Platform. All of these came with challenges, but I am extremely proud with how we have managed as a team. We tried new things, took risks, realised that it was maybe a bit too ambitious, but we delivered and learned. This report tries to capture these learnings and lessons.

Some issues need a bit more attention. For example, we realised that we need to place more effort on cross-country collaboration and we want more International CoPs. Working more regionally remains a challenging discussion in which we sometimes have different opinions and expectations and at the same time there are many questions about the future of Share-Net International ahead of us. Yet we have laid good foundations, for example, by starting to work on partnership development and fundraising and are ready for the next steps in 2022, the year of reviews and renewed strategies.

Enjoy reading,

Dorine Thomissen

Share-Net International Coordinator