SheDecides – 1 year down the line. Spotlight on Countdown 2030 Europe Countries

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01/03/2018 12:00 am

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One year on from the international SheDecides conference, Countdown 2030 Europe takes a look at what European donor governments have pledged to support the new movement, how they have kept the momentum, and what still needs to be done to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable women and girls are not left behind.


  • In 2017, over € 223 MILLION EURO was committed by 6 Countdown 2030 European governments as part of the SheDecides initiative: BELGIUM, DENMARK, FINLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, NORWAY AND SWE- DEN. Other European countries have expressed their commitment to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), including Family Planning (FP) and publicly supported the initiative, but have so far not made a pledge (e.g. France, Switzerland).
  • Some of these pledges were additional funds to SRHR (Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium), other countries reallocated funding from other ODA budget lines (Norway, part of the funding by the Netherlands). For other donors this is no new ODA but mainly part of planned SRHR measures (Finland).
  • Following the SheDecides conference, the initiative has grown to a political movement. Ministers have continued to advocate for the initiative, leading to BROADER POLITICAL SUPPORT and reinforcing SRHR as a priority issue for ODA. Many of them are planning events around SheDecides Day to bring SRHR issues to the fore.
  • Countdown 2030 Europe applauds governments for their commitments and involvement so far, but MORE WILL NEED TO BE DONE IN 2018 AND BEYOND to reverse the trend and address the funding crisis facing global SRHR and family planning programmes.

Find the fact sheet here: SheDecides_Factsheet C2030_Web.pdf

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