Policy Briefing: The GGR and its impacts

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24/08/2017 12:00 am

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A briefing to state IPPF’s position on the Trump administration’s expanded Global Gag Rule (GGR), consider the early impacts of the GGR and situate the GGR within a larger global context.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. We are a worldwide movement of 152 national organizations working with and for communities and individuals in 172 countries. IPPF works towards a world where all people everywhere have control over their own bodies, and, therefore, their own destinies. A world where they are free to choose parenthood or not; free to decide how many children they will have and when; free to pursue healthy sexual lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. A world where gender or sexuality are no longer a source of inequality or stigma. We will not retreat from doing everything we can to safeguard these important choices and rights for current and future generations.

IPPF is directly affected by the ‘Mexico City Policy’, otherwise known as the Global Gag Rule (GGR) and renamed and expanded under the Trump administration as the ‘Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance’ (PLIGHA). This briefing uses the term ‘the GGR’.

This briefing is intended for advocates and professionals working within the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and women’s rights sectors.

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