New Case Study: Unity in Diversity and The Consortium of MSM & Transgender Networks

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14/05/2018 12:00 am

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MSMGF is proud to announce the release of “Unity in Diversity, A Case Study on the Achievements, Good Practices and Lessons Learned from the Consortium of MSM and Transgender Networks”

The Consortium is an international partnership consisting of ten regional and global networks of advocates which are dedicated to the sexual health and human rights needs of men who have sex with men and transgender people in the global HIV epidemic response.

Coordination of effort in advocacy is needed now more than ever, given decreasing investments in community-led HIV services and increases in stigma, discrimination, and violence our communities face.
Unity in Diversity describes the Consortium’s good practices and lessons learned. It is framed around the Consortium’s eight key achievements in the areas HIV, sexual health and human rights. Critical issues highlighted in the report include:

  • Raising awareness about the disproportionate impact HIV is having on men who have sex with men and transgender people;
  • Enhancing the quality of HIV, sexual health and human rights programmes;
  • Expanding advocacy action at the regional and global levels;
  • Strengthening technical and advocacy capacity of networks through small grants;
  • Raising the profile of under-addressed or emerging within HIV sexual health and human rights;
  • Strategizing ways to work more effectively and safely  within hostile policy environments;
  • Elevating the individual and collective voices and roles regional and global networks play in the global HIV response; and
  • Reducing competition and enhancing financial sustainability for networks and programmes led by men who have sex with men and transgender people.

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