Knowledge and practice of SRHR among the population living in the Baunya-Badh slum

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22/08/2022 12:00 am

Share-Net Bangladesh

This report refers to the findings of a qualitative research on SRHR knowledge and practice among different groups (adolescents, adults and transgender community) residing in Baunya-Badh slum, Dhaka, carried out with 10 adolescent girls and boys, engaged in ARBAN adolescents’ empowerment program.

The research has been conducted within the framework of the project –‘Cholo Kotha Boli- youth to youth podcast’ funded by Share- Net International and aiming at producing and airing ten episodes of a podcast on SRHR issues as knowledge products. The research served the purpose to provide the main contents for the podcast’s episodes.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) related issues are not openly discussed in Bangladesh. Especially in the slum area, these issues are dealt with fun or shame. There is not enough research conducted on these topics. SRHR issues are not usually discussed over the media. Lack of proper knowledge, insufficient source of knowledge, space of conversation are the main barriers against for fulfilling people SRHR.

More research in informal settlement areas at urban level may help unfolding the main challenges, at knowledge and practice level, related to SRHR for low-income communities living in slum, as the slum area is vulnerable to this issue.

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