Recommendation: National Adaption Plan on Climate Change and SRHR Information for Policymakers In Bangladesh

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Share-Net Bangladesh

Share-Net Bangladesh have published Recommendations for a  National Adaption Plan on Climate Change and SRHR Information for Policymakers in Bangladesh.

The recommendations include the following topic areas;

  • Bridging climate action and sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Climate change hindering the achievements of SDGs
  • Climate Change, gender equality, and SRHR; situation analysis
  • Key messages on SRHR and climate justice
  • Climate change, SRHR, and SGBV impact in Bangladesh
  • SRHR integration into climate change adaption plans
  • Recommendations for national action plans on climate change and SRHR information in Bangladesh

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and climate change are thought of as separate issues in Bangladesh’s circumstances. The SRHR, maternal and child health, and family planning programs are threatened by the increasing temperature and climate change. Additionally, it hinders SRHR services and leads to an increasing number of gender-based violence and child marriage.

The linkage between SRHR and climate change needs to be accepted as early as possible.

Conversely, Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone areas that is highly affected by recent climate change. Bangladesh is at the height of the list of countries vulnerable to climate change, ranking seventh on the 2021 World Climate Risk Index. The Bangladeshi government has adopted the National Adaptation Plan, (2023‐2050) which provides context, outlines the implications and likely impacts of climate change in Bangladesh, offers an overview of different adaptation strategies, and briefly outlines mitigation issues. The NAP describes a program to build the capacity and resilience of the country to meet the challenge of climate change over the next 20-25 years.

Recommendation for National Adaptation Plan on Climate Change & SRHR

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