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13/11/2018 12:00 am

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Education material for children with an intellectual disability or neurological disorder. To this training module belongs: an assessment, a workbook for students, a puppet family (from Rutgers WPF), human growth posters (male/female), pictogram booklet and the storybooks of Joya & Bijoy.

You can check the Methodology-Its-my-body-Female

Storybooks on SRHR education

Joya and Bijoy both have disabilities and like many teenagers they have a lot of unanswered questions. The storybooks, in the form of a series of five, are developed to stretch the simplest matters such as; get to know yourself, the role of gender, human growth and development, how to avoid sexual violence and harassment, and where babies come from. The Joya and Bijoy storybooks address gender, SRHR and disability issues.

Sexual development of a child begins as soon as they are born. As soon as the children enter school age, they face various rules regarding their sexual development. During this age, children feel the a need for physical contact. They  start understanding the differences between a general friendship and a more intense friendship known as “love” although they are not yet able to explain in detail how it is to be in ‘love’. This also means that they love their mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, teachers and friends, etc. They get curious about the different sexes, they recognize two types of different sex and they also understand to which sex they belong. This knowledge triggers their curiosity to know more about the characteristics of each sex. Through their incessant will and efforts to learn more about this, they also discover their sexual feelings.

The storybooks have been jointly developed by Niketan and Toitombor from Bangladesh and are part of the SRHR methodology ‘It’s my body’. If you like to order the booklets or if you are interested in the whole methodology, please send a mail to : or

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