How the world is overcoming the Global Gag Rule

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15/05/2019 12:00 am

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In 2017, the United States reenacted a policy that dramatically limited how reproductive healthcare providers around the world could use its money. But proving the policy’s actual impact on reproductive health programs around the world, from Nepal to Zimbabwe, is difficult: Some providers found funding elsewhere, while others are reluctant to share information about their work, leading to a lack of data. Since the Global Gag Rule came into effect in 2017, SheDecides has been speaking out and taking action to ensure that access to comprehensive health services for women and girls is maintained globally.

This article published by the Global Press Journal takes a comprehensive look into what effects the Global Gag Rule has had in different communities around the world. It consolidates a diversity of personal stories and data to show where access to services has been affected, and where efforts have been made to bridge the gap.

The article also looks at how the rest of the world has taken action to fill the gaps the Global Gag Rule created, highlighting the $450 million raised through SheDecides, and subsequent resources unlocked by SheDecides Champions such as Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

The article features SheDecides founder Lilianne Ploumen, Naisola Likimani the SheDecides Support Unit Lead, and Nelly Munyasia from Reproductive Health Rights Kenya, who is part of the core group leading SheDecides in Kenya.

With the SheDecides movement being 120,000 members strong and growing, there is tremendous hope and action taking place globally to promote and advance women’s rights to bodily autonomy and integrity. This article does well to highlight this, as well as identify what more needs to be done and where, so that she can decide. Without question.

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