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02/06/2016 12:00 am

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Share-Net International and Oxfam Novib would like to share with you the articles and slides of the presentation by the Guttmacher Institute on the 24th of May 2016.

The Guttmacher Institute presented findings from two major studies released in May. The first features evidence on the incidence of abortion worldwide, which is forthcoming in The Lancet. This study, led by Guttmacher in collaboration with the World Health Organization, estimates the number of abortions and the abortion rate for each region and sub-region of the world, and documents global trends in abortion over the period 1990-2014. To complement these global findings, Guttmacher staff also presented data from recent country-level studies on abortion. Next, Guttmacher presented new data on the costs and benefits of meeting adolescents’ need for modern contraception across the Global South—the latest in the Institute’s series of Adding It Up reports.

Susheela Singh, Guttmacher’s Vice President for Research, presented the key findings, and Ann Starrs, President and CEO of the Institute, discussed the implications of the research for policies and programs.

For the slides of Guttmacher’s PowerPoint presentation please click here:
Guttmacher presentation for Share-Net_May 2016

For the full articles click here:
Abortion incidence between 1990 and 2014: global, regional, and subregional levels and trends
Adding It Up: Costs and Benefits of Meeting the Contraceptive Needs of Adolescents

On the Guttmacher website are also several interesting fact sheets available for download.

For the Share-Net Netherlands Policy brief click here:
Share-Net Netherlands Policy Brief Addressing Women’s Need for Contraception and Abortion

For the Share-Net Netherlands Powerpoint presented by Odette Hekster from PSI click here:
Presentation Policy Brief Contraception and Abortion

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