A Package of SRHR Interventions—What Does It Mean for Adolescents?

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11/12/2019 12:00 am

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This article analyzes the relevance of the comprehensive definition of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to adolescents and identifies adolescent-specific implications for the implementation of an essential package of SRHR interventions. The delivery of a comprehensive approach to SRHR targeting adolescents is underpinned by five principles—equity, quality, accountability, multisectorality, and meaningful engagement. All SRHR interventions included in the package are relevant to adolescents, given the diversity of adolescents’ SRHR needs and considering their specific attributes, circumstances, and experiences. Ensuring that this package is available, accessible, and acceptable to adolescents requires an approach that looks at adolescents as being biologically and socially distinct from other age groups and acknowledges that they face some specific barriers when accessing SRHR services. This article provides cross-cutting strategies for the implementation of a comprehensive approach to SRHR for adolescents and specific considerations in delivering each intervention in the package of essential SRHR interventions. To further implement the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action, a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, SRHR interventions must be adolescent responsive, delivered through multiple platforms, leveraging multisectoral collaboration, and strengthening accountability and participation.

Implications and Contribution

This article presents adolescent-specific considerations for implementing a package of essential SRHR interventions. Adolescents’ unique attributes and needs, and the barriers they face in accessing care impact the delivery of each intervention of the package. While certain aspects of SRHR are unique to this age group, all SRHR interventions are relevant to adolescents and can be adapted to ensure service delivery is adolescent responsive in practice, and contributing to the progressive realization of UHC.

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Corporate Author: Danielle Marie Claire Engel M.A. a, Mandira Paul Ph.D. a, Satvika Chalasani Ph.D. a, Lianne Gonsalves M.S.P.H. b, David Anthony Ross M.A., M.Sc., B.M.B.Ch., Ph.D. c, Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli M.B.B.S., M.Sc. b, Claire B. Cole M.P.H. d, Cristina de Carvalho Eriksson Ph.D. e, Brendan Hayes M.Sc. f, Anandita Philipose g, Sally Beadle M.P.H. h, B. Jane Ferguson M.S.W., M.Sc. i

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