Influencing Through Knowledge in Global Contexts – Co-Creation Conference 2022 Wrap-up


July 18, 2022

Share-Net International

The main objective of the 2022 Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference was to translate knowledge and evidence into products that members of this platform can use to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) policy and practice. You can find out more about the 2022 edition here

The third international edition of the Co-Creation Conference has now ended. Organised by Share-Net International, Profamilia, and Share-Net Colombia, the face-to-face event facilitated the communication with the hybrid-online version of the conference. During the four day conference, participants worked together in-person and online to create knowledge product ideas that can be used to generate sustainable changes in SRHR Policies and Practices at the local, national, and international levels.

In total, 75 professionals who work in the field of access to quality information on Sexual and Reproductive Heath and Rights came together and attended the conference, including researchers, policymakers, media companies, non-governmental and civil society organisations, community-based organisations, and youth-led organisations, among others. The online-version of the conference enabled 25 participants to attend from 15 different countries, joining the interactive sessions, and also engaging in feedback sessions about knowledge products created by other groups.

At the end of the intense but productive days, the participants proposed eight ideas to improve policies and practices on access to quality information on SRHR around the world. These proposals can be submitted for grants to obtain funding of up to €10,000 euros to produce and promote their knowledge products.

The target groups for knowledge products include communities in rural areas such as indigenous communities, internally displaced persons and refugees, people with disabilities, youth, and sex workers. Some of the ideas developed in the space include: a card game for youth leaders to stimulate open discussions around sexuality, and a campaign on family planning and safe abortion services for young people living with HIV.

Share-Net International (SNI) is a platform for the generation, exchange and appropriation of knowledge, which contributes to the development of public policies and social practices that promote sexual and reproductive health and the guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights for all people.

The SNI network include social and community organisations, academic institutions and research centres, government organisations, private companies, NGOs, experts, individual researchers, and other people who work and have an interest in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. For more information about joining Share-Net, see our membership information page.


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