Share-Net International Membership

How to get involved in Share-Net International?

Share-Net International (SNI) is a unique platform that promotes and facilitates synergies between individuals and organisations working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Our members combine knowledge, experience, and commitment. They include NGOs, universities, practitioners, individual experts, students, and consultancy groups.

We foster a continued dialogue between our members, where we analyse and synthesise state-of-the-art knowledge aiming at evidence-informed policies and practices – the core business of the Knowledge Platforms’ knowledge management and matchmaking process. SNI addresses both sensitive and neglected topics and our members do not shy away from discussing these in the safe spaces that we offer.

We are organised in seven country hubs, Share-Net Bangladesh, Share-Net Burkina Faso, Share-Net Burundi, Share-Net Colombia, Share-Net Ethiopia, Share-Net Jordan, and the Share-Net Netherlands, which in turn consist of different communities of practice (CoPs). Each country hub is hosted by a local organisation, while SNI is hosted by KIT Royal Tropical Institute. You can get involved in the Knowledge Platform on SRHR, Share-Net International, by becoming a member of one of our hubs and thus enjoy specific member benefits. In Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia and Jordan this is free of charge. Applicant members organisations of Share-Net Netherlands pay a fee, based on their annual turnover. You can view the Share-Net Netherlands fee structure via this link. When becoming a member of one of our country hubs, you automatically become a member of Share-Net International.

If you are based outside of one of our hubs, you can become a member of Share-Net International free of charge or for a small yearly membership fee based on annual turnover.

Table of Contribution
Type of membership Annual turnover (€) Per member, per year (€) (excl. VAT)
Individual members n.a. 0
Students n.a. 0
Organisations <100,000 0
Organisations >100,000 250

Our core values include transparency, diversity, collaboration, participation, integrity, safety, and using rights-based approaches.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Share-Net Member?

Become part of the knowledge platform on SRHR as an individual or organisational member, or a sponsor. When joining Share-Net International, you will not only contribute to our mission and vision, but you will also be able to enjoy specific member benefits:

  • Free access to all the meetings that we organise for free (non-members are also able to participate but will need to pay)
  • Participate in any of our international Communities of Practice.
  • Participate in our annual Co-Creation Conference which is jointly organised with the country hubs. The next edition in 2022 will be held in Colombia (Covid allowing) and online. The conference is an innovative, dynamic event organised as a working conference where participants develop concrete and evidence-informed knowledge products that will be used for influencing policy and practice at the country level.
  • Be elected into our governing body, the Board of Share-Net International
  • All members are invited to our annual business meeting.
  • Be eligible for our yearly call for proposals for the Share-Net International Activation Grants facility.

Key Activities of Share-Net International and Hubs

  • Organisation of roundtable meetings, thematic meetings, or other knowledge workshops on topics identified by members. Past thematic meetings have focused on key SRHR related topics, with keynote speakers representing The Guttmacher Institute, UNFPA, and the WHO.
  • Sharing of successful interventions from our country hubs with other countries.
  • Facilitation of Communities of Practice where SRHR topics are discussed in-depth, emerging topics are identified and continuous dialogues are fostered.
  • Sharing of information via newsletters and mailings, as well as social media.
  • Managing the small grants facility for research, documentation, and translation of knowledge.
  • Tailor-made services on demand for our members, such as organising report launches, developing research and knowledge products, conducting literature reviews, or organising preparatory meetings for international events.
  • Organising a bi-yearly co-creation conference in which participants develop evidence-informed knowledge products for influencing policy and practice.

Membership Charter

Members of Share-Net International are expected to adhere to the core values of Share-Net International as outlined in our Official Membership Charter. The signed member/member organisation agrees to adhere to Share-Net International’s approaches of working together and the codes of conduct as stipulated in the above membership charter. Share-Net International reserves the right to cancel membership should the above commitments be violated.

How Can I become of member of Share-Net International?

Please complete our online registration form to apply for Share-Net International membership and access to our members only area on this website. We regularly review membership requests, and aim to review applications within 2-3 weeks. Please note, during exceptionally busy periods, it can sometimes take a little longer to review your application.

If you have any further questions that this page cannot answer, please reach out to the Share-Net International Coordinator, Dorine Thomissen at and CC in our general enquiries email too