Training of Sexuality Educators

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04/01/2018 12:00 am

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The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the European Expert Group on Sexuality Education developed a new document, which concentrates on the training of Sexuality Educators and the competencies they should acquire. The framework is supposed to provide support and to facilitate the processes necessary to implement training programmes for Sexuality Educators or to improve those that already exist. In the document, information shall be provided on the questions:

  • why training for Educators, and Sexuality Educators in particular, is essential in order to enable them to conduct good quality education,
  • what kind of competencies (knowledge, attitudes, skills) Sexuality Educators should develop in the course of their training,
  • and what kind of examples of training programmes exist throughout the European region.

The Framework is primarily addressed to those who conduct trainings with Sexuality Educators as well as to experts that develop curricula for the training of Sexuality Educators. It can also support educators themselves by offering an orientation for their own professional and personal development.

As the framework also provides background information on why training for sexuality education is crucial for their professional development and the quality of sexuality education programmes, the document can also be used as advocacy tool which emphasizes the importance of training in this field.

Read the Training matters: A framework for core competencies of sexuality educators.

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