The Framing Equality Toolkit by ILGA-Europe & PIRC

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18/03/2020 12:00 am

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This toolkit is a short guide to strategic communications, based on extensive research and building on the experience of activists and communicators from around the globe. It aims to provide a framework rather than a blueprint; helping you to ask the right questions rather than giving you the right answers. It’s designed to be helpful for anyone who communicates as part of their voluntary or paid work. It’s written with a focus on European LGBTI activists, but we hope it will be useful to others with a similar vision. Read it from cover to cover or jump in at the point you’re most interested in!

Our societies are built on stories. These stories—of our past, present and future provide scaffolding four our political systems, for our social structures, and for our own thinking. They shape how we understand
our relationships, what relationships we value and pursue, how we classify ‘us’ and ‘them’, how we treat others, and our expectations of state and civic duties. That we can deny rights to people based on their country of origin, sexuality, or gender identity, is only possible due to a set of beliefs, or stories, about one group being more deserving than another. By understanding framing—how these stories interact with our thinking—campaigners and activists can craft their communications to create
sustainable social change. This toolkit is about helping you to do that.


To read the full toolkit, please click here

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