TGEU Trans Media Guide: A Community-Informed, Inclusive Guide for Journalists, Editors & Content Creators

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27/09/2023 12:00 am


TGEU (Transgender Europe) have released a new Trans Media Guide to provides tips on how to cover stories about trans and nonbinary people, in an ethical and respectful manner. It contains references to reliable sources of verified data. There is also a list of contacts for a few relevant activist communities and human rights organisations. The comprehensive guide covers practices, including verified sources & contacts, inclusive storytelling, using names & pronouns, facts & opinions, headlines, and illustrating the story.

What’s in the guide?

The Trans Media Guide contains five key parts:

  • Practice – a practical guide on how to cover stories about trans and nonbinary people in an ethical and respectful manner. There are also references to reliable sources for verified data and contact information.
  • Key themes – introductory material into key issues that trans communities are dealing with, including Legal gender recognition, Depathologisation and healthcare, Transphobic hate crimes and discrimination, and intersectional experiences
  • Myth busting – an overview of dangerous myths. We particularly focus on myths that are often enhanced by media based on misinformation. Real facts, based on evidence and data, are provided.
  • The glossary – key definitions adopted by civil organisations and trans-informed journalists.
  • Cheat sheet: A quick checklist – a summary of all the recommendations. This can be used separately from the Guide.

Read the full guide here.

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