Stimulating SRH Dialogue between Adolescents and Parents

Internal Resource

Share-Net Jordan

Share-Net Jordan have produced a short educational film focused on stimulating dialogue between parents and their adolescents in the field of their Sexual and Reproductive Health, in Arabic, English, and sign languages link.

The objectives of the video are focused on:

  • Changing practices related to the shyness, hesitation, or refusal of parents to provide information or to answer the questions of their adolescents
  • The shyness, refusal, or hesitation of adolescents to ask for information or ask about issues related to their Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Encouraging parents to take the initiative to discuss issues related to the Sexual and Reproductive Health of their Adolescents
  • Eliminating the embarrassment of Adolescents in seeking information or asking questions about issues related to their Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Facilitating parents’ sharing of Sexual and Reproductive Health information and Reproductive Rights with their Adolescents
  • Supporting children morally, emotionally, socially, and psychologically.

This video is expected to contribute to the motivating dialogue between parents and their adolescents, about topics and questions that adolescents need to know its answer in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health, and in a way that contributes to building responsible and informed behaviors among adolescents and protecting them from the influence of peers and the influence of unsafe Internet sites.

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