National Action Plan for Implementing the Recommendations of the “Child Marriage in Jordan” Study to Limit the Marriage of Individuals under the Age of 18 in Jordan (2018-2022)

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01/09/2018 12:00 am

Share-Net Jordan

Share-Net Jordan implemented the Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model (SHIRIM) from 2017-2019. This national action plan is part of Share-Net Jordan’s Knowledge Collaborative on addressing Child Marriage in Jordan. The action plan to end child marriage was developed to provide a general framework for limiting the marriage of individuals under 18. This included a five-year strategy for countrywide interventions. The action plan was successfully presented to the Prime Minister, endorsed by the Cabinet, and shared with the relevant ministries, to allow them to incorporate the proposed interventions in their annual plan if their budget allowed.

National Action Plan Foreword:

The Higher Population Council regards child marriage as a violation of the human rights of girls, including their right to education, capacity development, the freedom to make an informed decision to choose a life partner, and the right to a compatible marriage and building sound family relationships. If these rights are undermined, the quality of of life and reproductive health of girls would be adversely affected and there will be economic consequences. The characteristics of families determine their ability to carry out duties such as raining children and building next generations, which could pose a threat to society and efforts of realising the demographic dividend in Jordan. Moreover, many international treaties and conventions call for limiting child marriage, including the Convention on the Rights of a Child, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, Universal Declaration of Human rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 5, target 3).

In line with its role as the central agency for all population and development-related issues, the Higher Population Council develops, advocates, raises awareness of and follows ip on the implementation of policies, strategies, and action plans that aim to address demographic challenges. In 2017, the Higher Population Council prepared the “Child Marriage in Jordan” study and presented a set of recommendations which were endorsed and circulated to all concerned institutions for implementation pursuant to instructions no.125/11/4/30263, dated 3/7/2017 by the Prime Minister. The recommendations include prevention and remediation measure to limit child marriage and its consequences on the Jordanian society over the short, medium, and long term. HPC took the initiative to formulate the National Action Plan for implementing the Recommendations of the “Child Marriage in Jordan” study in cooperation with all concerned stakeholders. The Action Plan serves as a general program framework for limiting marriage under the ages of 18 in Jordan and the index of interventions over the next five years (2018-2022) including the initiatives proposed for implementation by concerned parties over the short and medium terms, and the guides efforts to acquire international and local funding support for the implementation of activities and programs within the plan.

Believing in the importance of this cause, the Higher Population Council recommends complementing this Action Plan with a comprehensive National Strategy for limiting the marriage of individuals under the age of 18 supported by measurable impact indicators and targets which will be monitored by a national agency named by the Prime Minister.

Dr. Abla Amawi.

Secretary General.


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Title: National Action Plan for Implementing the Recommendations of the “Child Marriage in Jordan” Study to Limit the Marriage of Individuals under the Age of 18 in Jordan (2018-2022)

Publication Date: 2018