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06/04/2017 12:00 am

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This is an update from IAWG on SRHR and HIV linkages resources which have now been finalized.

  • SRHR and HIV Linkages Index: The Index combines 30 indicators to provide the first ever composite score for measuring country progress towards achieving a linked response to SRHR and HIV. Scores are available for 60 countries. The Index can be used to:

– track progress of how well a country is doing at linking SRHR and HIV;

– increase understanding of SRHR and HIV linkages;

– support advocacy for improved linkages;

– deepen knowledge on the drivers and effects of SRHR and HIV linkages; and

– highlight data gaps which need to be filled.

SRHR and HIV Linkages Resources

An interactive heatmap with the 2016 Index results and findings is available from

  • SRHR and HIV Linkages Toolkit: This e-toolkit is a simple to use online toolkit that guides users through SRHR and HIV Linkages resources, making it easier to directly access what one needs. The toolkit is available from
  • SRH and HIV Linkages: Navigating the Work in progress 2017 – the updated overview document outlining the work of the Interagency Working Group has now been published and is available (attached)


For an overview of IAWG with resources on SRHR and HIV Linkages please click here:

IAWG: Navigating work in progress 2017

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