Disability Inclusion in Reproductive Health Programs: An Orientation and Values Clarification Toolkit

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This toolkit is a resource for organizations that want to build a disability inclusion mindset among staff and partners who design and implement abortion and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programming. This toolkit is written specifically for trained VCAT (values clarification and attitude transformation) facilitators with experience delivering VCAT workshops in the field of abortion and SRHR.

While this toolkit can be used to deliver a stand-alone workshop, it is intended to be used for follow-on workshops for stakeholders who have already been through an abortion VCAT workshop. As such, this toolkit does not address the topics of disability and abortion in equal depth.

Instead, existing abortion VCAT activities have been adapted and new ones created to support participants in exploring the topic of disability, more specifically, and building on the insights gained in a prior abortion VCAT workshop by linking them with the topic of disability. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to help a wide range of stakeholders—including policymakers, health-care providers, development organization and donor agency staff, and civil society members—build a disability inclusion mindset. This mindset will help them design and implement abortion and SRHR programs, policies and services that respect, protect and fulfill the rights of women and gender nonbinary people living with disabilities.

The toolkit can be used to facilitate workshops in a variety of settings, including settings with liberal or restrictive abortion laws.

View the full toolkit here.

Suggested citation: Ipas. (2021). Disability inclusion in reproductive health programs: An orientation and values clarification toolkit. Ipas: Chapel Hill, NC.

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