VPN – Vagina Privacy Network; let your private parts stay private online

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28/06/2024 12:00 am

MSI Reproductive Choices

Your body is your business — and no one else’s. And it’s your right to access the information you need to make choices about your body and your future.

Today, if you’re searching for abortion care or reproductive health information online, it will often leave a digital trail. But there are steps you can take to protect your digital privacy.

That’s why we created the Vagina Privacy Network: a new kind of ‘VPN’ with a step-by-step protocol for those who want to stay anonymous online — so your private parts stay private.

MSI Reproductive Choices have released an online safety guide for staying private online when searching for reproductive health and abortion information, helping you search more safely and leave fewer digital data trails.

How to stay private.

This guide provides tips for anyone who is concerned about their digital privacy when seeking information on their reproductive health. Remember to always seek reproductive care from authorized and reputable professionals. And keep in mind that no solution can fully prevent digital tracking, but taking these steps can offer a degree of protection.

Want to know more? Find the full overview of the Vaginal Privacy Network online, and download the full digital privacy guide here.