2021 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics

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For 30 years, DKT has collected sales data from contraceptive social marketing programs around the globe to publish the Contraceptive Social Marketing (CSM) Statistics report. The sales are primarily made to the private sector, consisting of clinics, supermarkets, mini-markets and a myriad of other kinds of shops. However, some programs also sell products to other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the public sector; in such instances, sales have been called out and CYPs have been discounted. Programs that generate fewer than 10,000 CYPs in a given year have either been omitted or, if relevant, combined with other programs; these are noted where applicable. Clinical service provision data or social franchise results are not included in this data. For some DKT programs, CYP totals may be adjusted due to variations in CYP conversion factors for MVA and misoprostol product sales. Additionally, the data from Population Services International (PSI) derives from sales in a select group of countries in PSI’s ‘Social Business Unit’, which are delivered by almost fully financially self-reliant entities. It should be noted that these are not representative of all PSI’s social marketing activities. Data from PSI’s other social marketing activities was not made available. Lastly, some programs were not able to be included in the report, despite repeated attempts throughout the data collection process, so this report does not encompass all social marketing activity.

If you would like to be included in future reporting, please contact info@dktinternational.org

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