Co-Creation Conference

Co-Creation Conference 2022

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What is the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference?

Over the past few years Share-Net International (SNI) has been placing greater focus on the translation of knowledge and the use of these products within the knowledge-management cycle.  The SNI Co-Creation Conference (CCC)  is one of the knowledge translation strategies piloted for this purpose, with the first edition held in October 2019. Due to its success, the CCC has become a bi-annual event!

The CCC is a working conference co-organised by SNI and one of the Share-Net hubs. During the conference, concrete knowledge products are developed to influence SRHR policy and practice at country and international level. All participants, including researchers, practitioners, young people and policymakers, engage in dialogues and are part of the co-creation process for these knowledge products.

To learn more about the SNI Co-Creation conference, check out this video!

Aims and objectives of the conference

The CCC aims to translate knowledge and evidence into products that members of SNI and other participants can use to improve policy and practice around one or more specific SRHR themes. Learn more about the specific objectives of the CCC and its methodology in this four-pager.

The first SNI Co-Creation Conference, Engaging in Knowledge Translation Together, was hosted in October 2019 at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference had two thematic tracks:

1) Breaking the silence around Infertility

2) Access to quality SRHR services for people affected by conflict, fragility and crisis.

For each thematic track, a Community of Practice (CoP) was established, consisting of Share-Net International members and partners. Before the conference, narrative reviews were developed and deliberative dialogues were held with key informants to inform the type of knowledge products that could be developed during the conference.

To learn more about the 2019 Co-Creation Conference, check out the following videos:

Throwback to the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference 2019 part 1

Throwback to the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference 2019 part 2

The 2020-2021 Co-Creation Conference

The second edition of the Co-Creation Conference was hosted by Share-Net Bangladesh and Share-Net International, and was held during January and February 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the CCC was held completely online, giving people all over the world the opportunity to join. You can watch the after-movie of the 2020/2021 Co-Creation Conference below.

The second edition of the Co-Creation Conference focused on the topic Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Adolescents and Youth.

Knowledge Products developed during the conference can be found below:

  • Sustainable Meaningful Young Participation
  • COVID-19 and SRHR Services
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • SRHR Of Young People With Diverse Gender Identity and Sexuality
  • SRHR of Young People with Disability
  • Impact of Social Norms, values and ideologies on SRHR