Stopping v. Switching: Factors Behind Contraceptive Decision-Making Factsheet

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15/03/2022 12:00 am


The PRB have released a new factsheet on contraceptive decision making exploring what factors can can help us predict which women are at risk of stopping contraceptive use while in need of contraceptives.

Women who stop using a contraceptive method usually do so within the first two years, and more than one third quit within the first year alone. Many of these women discontinue their method while still wanting to avoid pregnancy, or when they are still in need, often for method-related reasons. Some women quickly switch to a new method (switching) within two months while others do not, ultimately stopping their use altogether.

What factors can help us predict which women are at risk of stopping altogether while still in need? This fact sheet can help decision makers understand the determinants of stopping versus switching behavior, so they know who is most at risk and can tailor policies and programs to meet their needs and goals.

View the factsheet here.