Choices and Challenges: Trends in Women’s Contraceptive Uptake, Discontinuation, and Method Switching.

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The PACE Project by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is delighted to announce an exciting update of our Choices and Challenges tool, which highlights trends in women’s contraceptive uptake, discontinuation, and method-switching by age group, as well as reasons for discontinuation and related reproductive outcomes, in an accessible, user-friendly format. Our 2022 update now includes data for Liberia and Rwanda, alongside data for Bangladesh, Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, and Zambia.

The web feature is designed to support policy and program decision makers in delivering high-quality, client-centered care that enables women and couples to make the best family planning choices for themselves. PRB welcomes the opportunity to further discuss the tool with stakeholders interested in learning more about specific country data, strategies for analysing and visualising DHS calendar data, or the featured policy recommendations.

View the full tool here.