Sexual & Reproductive Health Self-Care Measurement Tool

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20/03/2023 12:00 am

Self-Care Trailblazers Group

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Self-Care Measurement Tool aims to provide a global standard approach to practical and accurate measurement of sexual and reproductive (SRH) self-care interventions, with a focus on three specific interventions: self-injectable hormonal contraception, HIV self-testing, and self-managed abortion. Led by the SCTG’s Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG), the SRH Self-Care Measurement Tool was developed through a consensus-driven process by a group of global experts, including academics, implementers, donors, and intergovernmental bodies, with the goal of identifying a minimum set of priority indicators for each of these self-care interventions.

Self Care over the years has received renewed attention by placing users at the center of health systems to help achieve Universal Health Care. However, the very nature of self-care makes it hard to monitor and evaluate. Over the past few months, the Evidence and Learning Working Group of the Self-Care Trailblazer Group and IHI worked together to address this challenge by convening an expert working group to develop a SRH self-care measurement tool. The tool, which focuses on three self-care interventions: DMPASC, HIVST, and self-managed abortion, serves as a practical resource for policymakers and implementers to monitor and evaluate their own self-care programs.

Access the full toolkit here.

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