Policy Brief: Towards Ending Child Marriage in Ethiopia

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01/11/2023 12:00 am

Share-Net Ethiopia

Share-Net Ethiopia have released a policy brief aiming to end child marriage in Ethiopia. The document, published in 2023, contains a background summary of the situation, dynamics, and realities of child marriage, information on policy and legislation on child marriage, information on the drivers of child marriage in Ethiopia and why this exists, changing trends, consequences of child marriage, and policy and programme recommendations.

Policy Recommendations

  • It is critical to develop more effective systems for enforcing the laws on child marriage. This should include attention to developing consistent reporting chains, so girls know where to turnfor help, and providing Woreda and Kebele-evel officials with the support they need in order to consistently enforce the law.
  • It is helpful to work with Ethiopia’s new Charities and Societies Proclamation. It is imperative for Ethiopia to have a fully functioning, independent civil society that acts as a complimentary entity to the government and to acts as effective checks and balance for the government.
  • It is important to implement a registration system that tracks all records of births, deaths and marriages. This is important for safeguarding young women’s basic human rights in choosing when and whom to marry, enforcing the country’s marriage laws, and reinforcing relevant international conventions that the country has endorsed.
  • Funding for skill trainings and jobs should be made available so that families can see the short and long term financial benefits to keeping girls in school. Funding toward skills training and micro loans and savings programs, job placement services, and helping families afford education fees are just as important for married girls, since survival and security of impoverished households is an important way of lifting households out of poverty.

Read the full policy guide here.

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