Gender Inclusive Language & Pronouns

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University of California

Are you unsure of how to use gender-inclusive or neutral personal pronouns? This handy guide runs you through the basics, offers examples, and tells you all about using neutral and inclusive gender pronouns!

The guide offers an overview of the following topics;

  • What is Gender-Inclusive Language / What is Exclusionary Language?
  • What is the difference between inclusive vs neutral language?
  • Why use gender-inclusive language?
  • What are gender inclusive pronouns?
  • What are gender-inclusive nouns and phrases that are commonly used?
  • How to utilise pronouns
  • They /Them / Theirs
  • Sharing your pronouns
  • Asking someone their pronouns
  • Why can’t I assume someones pronouns by looking at them?
  • What are other ways to make sharing pronouns a regular part of our work space?
  • What if I make a mistake and use the wrong pronouns?

You can find the full 2-page overview here.

For more helpful information about pronouns and how to use them, the website offers more in-depth advice and resources.


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