Flowing Freedom: Bodily Autonomy Through Menstruation and Abortion: Volume 2, 12th Linking Research, Policy, and Practice Zine)

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24/06/2024 12:00 am

Share-Net Netherlands

Every year, the Share-net Netherlands  Linking Research, Policy, and Practice (LRPP) Conference brings together young researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and scholars dedicated to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in international development. The LRRP conference provides a platform to disseminate groundbreaking new knowledge, engage in open dialogue, identify further gaps in research, policy, and practice, and to harness networking opportunities for meaningful partnerships and collaboration. 

In 2023, 10 promising researchers were chosen to present their papers at its 12th edition, addressing key topics such as the legalisation and (de)criminalisation of safe abortion, menstrual health, maternal health services, gender-based violence, sexual consent, and inclusive SRHR. 

In recognition of the remarkable contributions of these researchers and the rich discussions generated during the sessions, Share-Net Netherlands has embarked on a four-part digital zine series to share insights and recommendations with our larger audience. Each zine delves into one session, exploring the researchers’ work and its broader implications within the realms of research, policy, and practice. 

The second zine ‘Flowing Freedom’ shares and analyses the research presented during the session on menstrual health and safe abortion, and places reproductive decision making in the larger context of bodily autonomy and individual agency.

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