About Our Grants

Share-Net International’s (SNI) activation grants are one of our five core projects, supporting knowledge management activities among our members. The grants provide funding traditionally for applied research, documentation of practices, and knowledge products, to improve policy and practice in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The grants also offer the opportunity to enhance the work of SNI members and facilitate the development of knowledge products that can otherwise be difficult to get funded.

Activities proposed by members must contribute to achieving the knowledge related outcomes of SNI, which are as follows:

  • Policymakers, practitioners and researchers have better access to SRHR information and knowledge.
  • Researchers address scientifically, politically and practically relevant knowledge gaps in SRHR.
  • Actual and effective learning is taking place between and in countries among policymakers, practitioners and researchers.
  • Knowledge is applied to evidence-informed SRHR programmes, policies and practices.

Grants Overview and Available SRHR Grants

Our grants are selected in a participatory process. This means that at every stage of our grant making process, there is active participation between our members and our country hubs in the grant making decisions, aligning with the network’s collaboration and Southern leadership principles. SNI values the expertise and knowledge that its members bring into this process and aims to promote cross-member learning and educate the Secretariat about the SNI members’ perspectives and needs. Participation enhances communities deeper understanding of philanthropy, power, decision-making and enables a platform of learning and shared knowledge.

We offer three types of Activation Grants:

Knowledge Collaboration Grants

Grants up to 25,000 euros. Contribute to the creation of knowledge products for improving policy and practice in SRHR. It does so by making it possible for more than one organisational member of SNI to strategically formulate a sound proposal for the SRHR movement and other network members.

Knowledge Translation Grants

Grants up to 10,000 euros. Contribute to the creation of knowledge products for improving policy and practice in SRHR.

Knowledge Generation Grants

Grants up to 5,000 euros. Contribute to funding research and documentation of practices in SRHR, particularly in contexts where there are gaps and limited knowledge about specific issues or affected communities.

Annual Grant Making Cycle Timelines

We open our annual call for applications in the autumn, with the call open for submissions for approximately four weeks. This is communicated via our grants listing page on our website and our social media channels. The applications will be reviewed in late autumn, and the selected grantees informed around December or January. The grantees will then have one year to implement their grant. SNI may organise a webinar to clarify any questions from applicants.

Decision Making and Eligibility Criteria Screening

All received applications will be checked for completeness and applicant eligibility. Applicants will be notified if their application cannot be reviewed because of incompleteness. Each eligible application will be first peer-reviewed by their respective hubs. Finally, the grants committee makes the final selection and budget allocations.

The peer reviewers will score the applications against a scorecard developed by the Grants lead, The scorecard will reflect the criteria, priorities and areas of work. The Grants Committee members will be trained to assess the applications based on potential and respond to the criteria and priorities. Finally, the top 5 applications per hub and SNI member applicants will move to the grants committee. The Grants Committee will gather together and assess the top applications. It is a consensus-building meeting to revise the top 40 applications and make the final selection.


Documentation and further information

For detailed information about the grant, please see our Grant Guideline documentation:

Arabic – إرشادات حول تقديم طلبات الحصول على منح التفعيل 2022 من شبكة المشاركة الدولية

English – SNI Grant Guidelines 2022

French – SNI – Directives Pour Subventions D’activation 2022

Spanish – SNI – Directrices Para Las Subvenciones De Activatión 2022


We have detailed grant dissemination guidelines, offering an overview of how SNI and our grantees mutually expect each other to promote knowledge products produced as a result of receiving a Share-net International grant.