Share-Net Jordan: Spring 2022 Activities


June 30, 2022

Share-Net Jordan

Policy Launch event in Amman, June 2022.

In Amman, Share-Net Jordan have been busy over the past months, with many policy and position paper launches, new Communities of Practice,  participating in conferences and SRHR meetings, and hosting three members of the SNI secretariat for a country visit, and have welcomed a new intern to the team, Siqiao Liang, who is currently studying an Undergraduate Degree at the New York University in Abu Dhabi.

Policy Briefs, Position Papers, and A Launch Event

The Share-Net Jordan team have been busy conducting and implemented various studies and policy briefs. Visit the Share-Net Jordan website to read more.

  • Study and policy brief: The Withdrawal of women from the Jordanian labor market and SRHR
  • Two position Papers on the Media and SRHR
  • Position Paper: Ageing and SRHR
  • Policy brief: The impact of female students dropping out of school on women’s economic participation and SRH in Jordan
  • Study and policy brief: Enhancing private sector participation in providing SRH services in Jordan
  • Policy brief: The links between climate change and SRH in Jordan
  • Policy Brief: The role of Accountability in sustaining SRHR programs in crisis and Fragile Situations in Jordan

There was a successful policy launch event, attended by the Ministry of Health, Director of Primary Health Care Department Dr. Riyad Al-Shayyab, and with the participation of representatives of official and civil institutions, civil society institutions, and international bodies.

New Communities of Practice

Share-Net Jordan have set up three new CoP’s. The first focuses on completing the study and policy brief on The Withdrawal of Women from the Jordanian labor market and SRHR, and uses data of the Social Security Corporation. The second CoP has been initiated to prepare a national action plan to implement three proposed models of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for strengthening sexual and reproductive health services. This follows a recommendation by a study Promoting the Public-Private Partnership in the Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Jordan. Furthermore,  the last new CoP brings together Media (Radio, Digital, and Newspaper), to develop programmes around SRH & RR to promote the work of Share-Net Jordan and their members.

SNI Secretariat Visit

In May, SNI visited Share-Net Jordan for a country visit. They met Mrs. Rania Al-Abbadi, acting Secretary General of the Higher Population Council (Shre-net Jordan’s host organisation), discussed partnerships, and learnt more about SRHR in the Jordanian context, discussed many sensitive. Several workshops and discussion were held, focusing on how to diversify and attract more members, focus and include more grassroots, youth-led organisations, and regional members, progress on the current SHIRIM cycle, and the current communications and digital strategy for the website and social media.

There was a meeting with Marco Hasselaar, Deputy Head of Mission at the Dutch Embassy in Amman, sharing updates about the SNI and Share-Net Jordan collaboration, learning more about the embassy’s agenda in Jordan, and discussions about possibilities to work more closely together on the intersection of SRHR and Human Rights.  Notably, the secretariat met with Share-Net Jordan members who have previously received SN grants. The first meeting was with Dr. Hala Bawadi, a member of Share-Net Jordan who works at the University of Jordan, who received a CCC Grant in collaboration with Bangladesh and Burundi, to develop a policy brief entitled ‘Experiences and Perceptions of mid adolescents, parents, and teachers on comprehensive sexuality education: A multiple country-based qualitative research study.’

They also visited Dr. Doaa Al-Ajarma and Mr. Nart Dohjokke of the Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF), who received a small grant for the Research ‘Correcting the Common Misconceptions on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Jordan’, and with Dr. Ibrahim Aqel, Director of the Institute for Family Health and their team. The Institute, in East Amman, provides youth-friendly reproductive health services, and works with youth on many SRHR topics.


Conferences, Meetings, and Presentations

Share-Net Jordan is a member of the Jordanian Sexual and Reproductive Health Sub-Sector Working Group (SRH SWG), formed by The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). At the recent international conference on Climate Change about the Impacts on the Jordan Health sector, Ali Almetleq, Coordinator of SNJO, gave a presentation on SNJO’s main achievements, entitled The linkages between climate change and the sexual and reproductive health in Jordan.

The Share-Net Jordan steering committee also conducted their first meeting of the year, focusing on Share-Nets achievements so far in 2022, and discussed the recommendations from SNI’s Mid-term Review in the Jordanian context. SNJO particpated in many SNI activities, including training workshops, SHIRIM learning sessions, SRH and Youth meetings, Co-Creation Conference 2022 preparations, and the SNI board meetings.

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