Meet Our Small Grantees 2021


July 20, 2021

Share-Net Digital Platform

In January 2021, the second Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference “Engaging in Knowledge Translation Together” took place. The conference was hosted by Share-Net Bangladesh and took place completely online on a dynamic virtual platform. During this conference, researchers, policymakers, NGOs, funding organisations, the media and practitioners from across the world engaged in dialogues and collaborated to co-create knowledge products on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for Adolescents and Youth. These knowledge products will be used at the national, regional and global levels to influence policy and practice.

To develop and promote these knowledge products, small grants were made available for which participants from the Co-Creation Conference could apply to finalise their products to improve SRHR for Adolescents and Youth!

It is with pleasure that we present to you the selected grantees of these small grants and their innovative projects to improve policy and practice!

You can read the Meet_Our_Grantees.

Focus Countries

The focus countries for the 2021 small grantees include Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Kenya, Egypt, The Netherlands, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Projects Overview

Mapping the Fields of Law on SRH Services and LGBTIQ+ issues: The case of DRC and Burundi.

Lead Organisation: Savie asbl NGO LGBTQ PGEL DRC

Locations: Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi


Bloom: Buy-in and Learning Through Outcomes of MYP

Contributing Organisations: International Institute for Social SciencesNational Network of Young People Living with HIVCHOICE for Youth and SexualityEngenderHealthLiving Equality InitiativeTalent Youth Association, KIT Royal Tropical Institute.

Locations: Global


Checklist for Promoting Inclusion and Accessibility of People with Disabilities in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Sector

Contributing organisations: Association of Women Psychologists in Action (AFPA) Burundi (lead) & Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)

Locations: Burundi and Bangladesh


Increasing Access to Youth SRHR Generalized Data for Evidence-Based Advocacy Through Involvement of Young People with Diverse Backgrounds on SRHR Research

Contributing organisations: Balanced Stewardship for Development Association (BALSDA) (lead), Aliansi Satu Visi Indonesia & Love Matters Kenya

Locations: Nigeria, Indonesia & Kenya


Identifying the Knowledge Gap on SRHR of Young People with Diverse Gender Identity and Sexuality

Contributing organisations: University of Chittagong & Aliansi Satu Visi Indonesia

Locations: South and South East Asia


Experiences and Perceptions of Mid Adolescents, Parents and Teachers on Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A multiple Country-Based Qualitative Research Study

Contributing organisations: SERAC-Bangladesh (lead),
Association Femmes Psychologues en Action (AFPA) Burundi, University of JordanVrije Universiteit AmsterdamLove Matters India and UNFPA Burundi

Locations: Bangladesh, Burundi, Jordan


Training Modules for Redefining Negative Social Norms, Values Effecting Positively on Adolescents Decision Making on Sexual Health Wellbeing

Contributing organisations: Julia Ahmed (independent SRHR consultant) and JOHUD

Locations: Bangladesh & Jordan

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