Grantee Knowledge Product Showcase 2023


July 6, 2023

Share-Net International

At Share-Net, our main objective is to link research to policy and practice in SRHR, through knowledge management. Acquiring and using knowledge is a crucial part of knowledge management, often left behind. Since 2014, Share-Net has awarded over 100 knowledge generation and translation grants for SRHR projects, and now we’re focusing on sharing this bank of Knowledge Products (KP’s) with the world! Thus, our first sharing activity was born, with the first edition of the Knowledge Products Showcase event on July 4-5 2023, beginning our journey towards the successful and wide sharing of the KP’s our members produce!

The objective of the showcase was to create a safe, welcoming, and collaborative space for Share-Net grantees to share their KP’s with our members, partners, and funders, and to collaboratively draw inspiration from the audiences recommendations and ideas for better acquisition and use of the KP’s. We are delighted with the first edition of the event, marked by very interactive and participatory sessions attended by over 120 people, and we appreciate the high quality of the KP’s presented by all our grantees. We wanted to include everyones input by adding in collaborative and participatory exercises, crowdfunding ideas from all attendees with a Zoom chat activity. This asked everyone to share their ideas of how grantees can further develop, disseminate, utilise their KP’s. Here is our consolidated overview;

SRHR Knowledge Product Development and Promotion Overview

  • Promotion, integration, and distribution of KP’s in health-facilities, NGO’s, in education programs, Universities, schools, learning moments,
  • Translations of KP’s into multiple languages, digitising paper or physical KP’s, translating to other accessible formats like Braille and sign-language, creating video and audio versions.
  • Creating clear dissemination plans and strategies for KP’s; for example, identifying the key audience for KP’s, like partners, education institutions, widely sharing links and files,
  • Contextualising KP’s with simplified introductions or summaries so they are approachable and accessible by a wide audience
  • Utilising KP’s as reference materials for learning, for policy making, and in institutions
  • Ensuring KP sustainability for future KP use
  • Analysing the KP’s produced by Share-net grants to understand which SRHR topics have been funded, and if there are any gaps

Thus, the beginnings of collaboration between our members were born immediately during and after the sessions, it’s safe to say the event has already begun to bear fruit with these outtakes! Additionally, the showcase attendees appreciated the diversity and inclusivity of grant recipients, and discovering the knowledge products created. 

New Grant Archive Website Launching Summer 2023

To further our KP distribution and promotion, Share-Net is currently building a Grant KP showcase website! The news site is due to launch in late summer 2023, showcasing over 100 KP’s that Share-Net grantees have created since the grants program began in 2014. The site will serve as an online archive and promotional space for the diverse SRHR KP’s, enabling universal digital access to multiple KP’s ranging from research reports, radio-shows, policy input documents, reports, guidelines, games, and much more, available in many key languages. More coming soon!

We are proud of the first edition of the showcase! In case you didn’t manage to attend, you can watch all the video presentations on our YouTube Knowledge Product Showcase Playlist! Finally, we salute the Share-Net International team’s great initiative and the grant recipients’ amazing collaboration to realise this event, and look forward to next years edition!

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