Specialised Courses in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at KIT in 2024!


January 16, 2024

KIT - Royal Tropical Institute

Explore the course offerings for 2024 by KIT Royal Tropical Institute, catering to individuals committed to advancing their knowledge in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Share-Net International is pleased to announce an interesting opportunity for professional advancement and transformative learning. Whether you are a seasoned SRHR professional or connected to this field, the programmes promise a diverse and enriching experience!

Master of Public Health and Health Equity

Elevate your expertise with the SRHR specialisation

Master of Public Health and Health Equity – specialised focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Innovative Master’s programme designed for mid-career professionals, with a spotlight on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR. This unique master’s program is tailored for mid-career professionals and boasts a distinctive feature—a classroom enriched by participants from various countries and professional backgrounds. The course blends theoretical foundations with real-world challenges, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to address complexities in their workplaces.
Organised by KIT and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Duration: 1 year (part-time option available for one track)
Start date: 9 September 2024
Application deadline: 1 July 2024

Shorter Programs for Specialized Learning

For professionals seeking shorter, targeted programs on SRHR

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Organizing Effective Responses

Explore strategies to enhance access to equitable, quality SRHR/HIV and AIDS services. Emphasis on rights, integration of services, and amplification of voices and participation.

Course dates: 8 – 30 April 2024
Application deadline: 23 February 2024

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Policy, Governance, and Financing

Gain insights into policy instruments, governance mechanisms, and financial structures related to SRHR. Analyze political and institutional structures, identify international agreements, and understand their impact on national planning and implementation.

Course dates: 13 – 31 May 2024
Application deadline 20 March 2024

Sante et Droits Sexuels et Reproductifs (French)

Exciting news for our French-speaking audience—explore the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SDSR) course conducted in French.

Course dates: 10 -21 June 2024
Application deadline:  12 April 2024

Beyond SRHR – Explore a Diverse Range of Health Courses

KIT also features courses in disrupted health systems, research and Monitoring and Evaluation, digital health, epidemiology and more. The Master of Public Health and Equity offers five different specialization tracks. Courses are available in both English and French, providing flexibility for diverse learners.

Visit KIT’s course page for an overview of all courses offered in 2024.


Exclusive Discounts for Multiple Courses

KIT offers a range of exclusive discounts for early bird applicants, alumni, and groups, or if you follow several courses. Combine two courses for a 15% discount on the total fee, or opt for a third course and enjoy a 20% discount. Explore additional group discounts—15% for two colleagues and 20% for a group of three with shared interests.

Visit the course page of your choice for more information.


Funding Opportunities Available

Don’t miss out on potential funding opportunities—visit our regularly updated scholarship page for more information. Options differ per nationality and profession.  We especially would like to draw your attention to the MENA scholarship, available for some of KIT’s specialised summer courses.

Visit KIT’s scholarship page as a starting point for different options and opportunities.


Embark on a transformative learning journey with KIT in 2024! For more information, FAQs and contact information, visit kit.nl/study

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