Intersectional Approaches to Health Research | Treat it Queer


Treat it Queer

Date and time

25/11/2021 2:00 pm GMT+1:00

Session by Dr. Maddalena Giacomozzi

Intersectionality is something we all care about, but how to apply this to health research? How to take different identities of the study population into consideration? And even more so, how to analyze these variables simultaneously? Dr. Giacomozzi will present to us their research on obstetric violence and indigenous birth positions to illustrate an example of how intersectionality can be an effective research method. Building on Mullings and Schulz’s scholarship, they will illustrate an innovative framework that highlights how gender, race and class are mutually constructed and interdependent. The times when health disparities were seen as the result of only one form of discrimination are long passed, and understanding how and why different identities intersect is necessary to conduct impactful research.

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