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Date and time

09/12/2021 2:00 pm GMT+1:00

Session by Stéphane Aubin

Did you know that LGBTQ+ youth are more than twice as likely to experience suicidal ideation than heterosexual youth? Did you know that one-in-five transgender youth has made a suicide attempt? Did you know that one-in-three LGBTQ+ adults experiences mental illness, compared to one-in-five heterosexual adults, and that their symptoms are more severe? What about LGBTQ+ refugees? In what ways can their journeys shape their mental health?

The experience of mental illness by LGBTQ+ folks is unique due to their lived experience and the social contexts in which they live, work, and play. In this workshop we will examine mental health through an LGBTQ+ lense, to better understand the reality of mental illness as it affects queer people and challenge some misconceptions or preconceived ideas we may hold about mental health itself.

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