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CoP Overview and Introduction

The Menstrual Health Community of Practice (CoP) was established in 2020 and aims to learn, share, and create knowledge on menstrual health that can be used to further include it into SRHR programmes and that contributes to it being an international agenda priority. 

The CoP meets regularly and has 10 members from KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Simavi, PSI-Europe as well as a large number of independent researchers/consultants/menstrual health enthusiasts. Since 2021, the CoP has been focusing its efforts on the topic of menstrual health in the workplace. So far in 2023, they have completed a small scale research on the topic of experiences of menstrual health in the Dutch Workplace place in the Netherlands, and organised a dialogue with international experts which looked at the different type of menstrual health needs that different type of workplaces have.  

The CoP often creates social media content for relevant menstrual health days and is dedicated to busting stigma, normalising menstrual health and creating a holistic view of this issue. 

The CoP currently is for Share-Net Netherlands members only and is open to accepting new members on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in joining or learning more, please reach out to us! 

CoP Objectives

  • Busting myths and stigma related to menstrual health 
  • Integrating menstrual health into SRHR programmes 
  • Keeping menstrual health on the global funding agenda 
  • Developing a holistic understanding of menstrual health 

Key CoP Resources or Publications 

We need to talk about menstrual health at work!

Menstrual Health in the Dutch Workplace

Key Annual CoP activities 

There are currently no planned annual activities for the CoP 

Main CoP Information Page

To read more about Share-Net Colombia’s CoP on Abortion and Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption, please visit their main CoP information page.

CoP Launch Date 

The CoP was founded in 2020

CoP Contact 

For more information about the CoP, please contact Nicole Moranat  

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