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CoP Overview and Introduction

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Contraception and Abortion was established in 2015. The CoP includes members from organisations including Simavi, PSI-Europe, IPAS Europe, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, as well as a number of individual members. 

The CoP inspires thinking around and exchange of existing and new knowledge on contraception and abortion, that contributes to knowledge and capacity building of its members and the wider Share-Net community. To achieve this, the CoP aims to monitor and signal (programmatic, scientific, political) developments in the SRHR field among its members, and create opportunities for reflection upon these developments. In some cases, the CoP may take the initiative to generate knowledge to contribute to this ambition (such as carrying out small scale researches, desk reviews etc). 

In the past, the CoP paid a lot of attention to the ‘Global Gag Rule‘ Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA), and its impact on contraception and abortion access, under the Trump administration in the United States of America, and around other developments elsewhere in the world. These developments were studied and discussed in light of previous work by the CoP, including the Literature Review on Global and Regional Contraception and Safe Abortion Trends (2015-2020) and against the background of COVID-19. 

In 2023, the CoP is not meeting regularly. They have been discussing whether they will extend their vision and become an International Community of Practice, which would mean that the CoP would be open to Share-Net members from all countries. The CoP is always open to new members and if there is any interest from Share-Net members, either based in the Netherlands or within the Share-Net International family, they can always reach out via email to

CoP Objectives

The CoP has not set any objectives for 2023 since they are not currently meeting. 

Key CoP Resources or Publications 

  1. Infographic: Contraception and Abortion Trends
  2. A Review of Literature on Global and Regional Contraception and Safe Abortion Trends (2015-2020) This 68-page report examines contraception and abortion estimates and needs, policy and financing landscapes around contraception and abortion services and supplies, the impact of the Global Gag Rule, and examines research, policy and practice.

Key Annual CoP Activities 

There are currently no annual events planned for this CoP 

Main CoP Information Page

To read more about Share-Net Netherlands’s CoP on Contraception and Abortion, please visit their main CoP information page.

CoP Launch Date 

The CoP was launched in 2015 

CoP Contact 

For more information about the CoP, please contact Nicole Moran at  

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