Consumption of Drugs and SRHR


CoP Overview and Introduction

The problem of consumption drug by adolescent and youth is a global phenomena, and Burkina Faso is not spared. Nowadays Burkina Faso has changed from a transit state to become a consumption country. As a result, we have more drug users and large quantities are seized by the security forces, with many adolescents and young people being dependant drug users. Many factors explain drug consumption, ranging from the personality of individual, the family environment of the consumer, and the availability of drugs. Legal structures exist to fight against drug use, and non-governmental organisations and associations are taking actions to inform and educate the general population against drug consumption.

Drug use has an effect on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR). This is why the steering committee of Share-Net Burkina Faso recommended to work on the topic of drug consumption and SRHR. Drug consumption doesn’t guarantee responsible sexual health, and can creates behavioural risks in sexual and reproductive health.

The diversity of organisations (NGOs, ministries of security, education, health) are members in the community of practice drug consumption and SRHR, and work on the topic of drug usage and SRHR. This COP is an innovation, and will work to create, share knowledge products in the education of adolescents, youth and parents to prevent drug consumption. The CoP’s advocacy will take an important place, aiming to change policies, improve the care of those with drug addictions issues, support drug users, and promote medical and psychologic support.

CoP Objectives

  • To strength the collaboration between actors working on the consumption of drugs and SRHR
  • To increase the interest of the general population on the topic of the consumption of drugs and SRHR
  • To ensure the capacity building of CoP members
  • To develop knowledge products that help to inform the general population on the consumption of drugs and SRHR
  • To disseminate the knowledge and best practices to combat the consumption of drugs and SRHR
  • To ensure advocacy for improving policy and practice
  • To strength social mobilization and communication to prevent the consumption of drugs and SRHR

Key CoP Resources or Publications

There are currently no published Knowledge Products from the CoP. However, in December 2022 the COP organised a meeting to discuss the role of parents to help combat drug consumption

Key annual CoP activities

  • To organize sharing experiences sessions of members activities
  • To realize e-campaigns
  • To disseminate information for the prevention of drug consumption for the  general population
  • To strengthen capacity building of member on SMART advocacy
  • To publish information during relevant international days
  • To developed knowledge products 

Main CoP Information Page

To read more about Share-Net Burkina Faso’s CoP on the consumption of drugs and SRHR, please visit their main CoP information page.

CoP launch date

The CoP was launched in September 2022

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